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In the context of the focus: The unknown Filder

Filderdom and Walcker organ

Guided tour and organ concert
Markus Grohmann,  director of the Sacred Music

Neuhausen auf den Fildern has something to offer due to its Roman Catholic past. Over a long distance visible the church St. Peter and Paulus which considerably notices by its size. With its two manuals, 32 registers and about 2100 pipes Walckers organ with the opus 126 is the only existing instrument of this size. Thus, It is an internationally important organ historical monument.

Markus Grohmann, director of the Sacred Music and composer, will lead you through this evening.

- Welcoming and introduction-(among others Neuhausen's special position as a Roman Catholic municipality)

- guided tour through the Church

- history of the organ

- guided tour  on the organ with view into the inside-

- small organ concert on the Walcker organ-


Tuesday, June, 19th 2007, 20.00 - 22.00 clock

Neuhausen, Roman Catholic church St. Peter and Paulus.
Admission fee: € 4,00


Organ recital with Prof. Bernhard Haas from Stuttgart

Prof. HaasNeuhausen auf den Fildern. The series of concerts 2007 in the parish  church St. Peter and Paul  Neuhausen goes with an organ  recital in the summer break. OnSunday,July 1st, 16.30 hoursProf.Bernhard Haas, fromStuttgart, willplay pieces from György KurtágandRobert SchumanncompositionsofDietrich Buxtehude, Charles-Valentin, and Alkan. Both historical organs of the parish  church come to sounding. The  Spiegel positive dated 1762 as well as the big Walcker organ dated 1854.

Prof. Haas studied organ, cembalo, music theory and composition in Cologne, Freiburg and Vienna.

Since 1994 he is  at the national college of music in Stuttgart and furthermore internationally active as professor and concert organist. He is assistant professor at courses and member of th jury at competitions. Several CD recordings as well  as publications for musicology enlarge his work.

Following the concert a standing  reception takes place  with possibility for the meeting with the interpreter on the churchyard.

Tickets are available in the main  entrance at 15.45  hours.

Markus Grohmann, Director of Sacred Music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, June, 12th 2007

Day  of the organ music
on May 5th and 6th, 2007

For the coming weekend the diocese Rottenburg has arranged a day of the organ music. In the whole  dioceseThe Organ shall given attention in differents ways in as  many municipalities as possible. The organ music and the possibility of learning the queen  "of the instruments" will also be in the centre  particularly. Due to the many actions for the restoration of the Walcker organ within the last  few years the organ topic is well known in our municipality very well. We nevertheless want to  participate in the  tow actions during this day:

10:30 hours: Service in the parish  church. Child choir and the Kisispatzen Accompanied on the  Walcker organ. For this event the  children's choir is going  to sing on the organ gallery.

14:00 hours: organ walk to Scharnhausen. We meet on the churchyard Neuhausen for a walk to Scharnhausen at 2 p.m. There we will visit the Link organ of the Roman  Catholic church "to the good Shepherd". This organ was the first organ project of our parish when Scharnhausen was still daughter church of Neuhausen. This instrument gets 10 years old in October.

After the organ inspection we plan want to  have coffee or eat ice  cream in the Restaurant "the old Guard". After this break the march will lead us back to Neuhausen.

Young and old are cordially invited! A registration is not required. Everybody carries the expenses for coffee etc. himself.

Markus Grohmann, Director of Sacred Music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, April, 30th 2007


Kaleidoscopic organ tones


Prof. Daniel Roth , Titularorganist in St. Sulpice, Paris. Hier am Spieltisch der E.F. Walcker Orgel in Neuhausen auf den FildernNEUHAUSEN: Daniel Roth guests in St. Peter and Paul.

By Peter Eltermann.

"Please keep distance to the organ". This information sign at the Hieronymus Spiegel-Positiv did not impress Daniel Roth at all. If so, the almost fully occupied Roman Catholic parish church St. Peter and Paul would not have had the chance for a world class organ recital in Neuhausen. The French organist, celebrated internationally and honoured with many awards and prices, offered music in a programme diversified broadly on the highest standard and opened this year's row of the "Neuhauser organ recitals".

He followed an invitation of the Director of Sacred Music Markus Grohmann, who reported him of the Neuhauser Walcker organ, explained Daniel Roth. "And I am not disappointed. This instrument has an impressive richness of tone and extremely charming tone colours. It has given great pleasure to play here ", the pleasant virtuoso summed up after the concert. Roth then startet the full-length programme at the organ positive, made by Hieronymus Spiegel in 1762, mentioned at the beginning. Doing so Professor Roth experienced a personal premiere. He has never played an organ in standing. Exactly this was demanded here since the manual is attached so highly that it is impossible to play while seated.. At first the master made sound Jan Pieterszoon Sweelincks variations about the chant " my young life has one end ". Roth, after the beginning resembling almost telling stories then changed to short Stakkati which lost themselves in rejoicing triplets. The left hand worked over long ways contrarily to the right one before the variations ended in meditative leisure.

He left the instrument with measured steps and went to the Walcker -- organ on the gallery. The the last year prize-winner of the European church music festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd brought up enthusiasm with the quartet G minor, fantasy and fugue B major of the rather unknown French composer Alexandre Pierre Francois Boely. Majestic vibrancy paired with with a warm-hearted tone made up the charm of this fascinating work . Next to Johann Sebastian Bachs " prelude and fugue D major " the interpreter also played two works of its own and works of Cesar Franck and Eugene Gigouts" scherzo E major "and" toccata H minor ". The "Petite rhapsody sur une song alsacienne" goes back Alsatian song. The audience then was experiencing a premiere at Daniel Roths's last play, a free improvisation about a given topic. Before the concert began he was given different topics. Roth made improvisations brilliantly and with a great dedication on "a spring of the mercy" and "Judica", the introit of the Sunday. To the end applause the audience spontaneously got up and thanked this outstanding artist this way.

With kind approval of the Esslinger Zeitung, dated March, 29th 2007

CD recording with Prof. Dr. Christof Bossert at the Walcker organ.

Prof. Bossert an unserer Walcker-Orgel, assistiert von zwei seiner Kirchenmusikstudenten der  Musikhochschulen Würzburg und Trossingen. Die Beiden sind Gaststudenten aus Südkorea und England.Prof. Dr. h. c. Christoph Bossert (colleges of music Würzburg and Trossingen) has been in our church for almost a whole week in order to record three large organ works of the late romantic Max Reger (1873-1916) on our Walcker organ for a professional CD production. A very big and effortful venture for the interpreter, his 2 assistants as well as for the sound mixer. During the next years Prof. Bossert is going to record the entire organ work Regers on some instruments particularly suitable for Reger in Germany . With the great chant imaginations „Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott“ the first CD of this row and „Freu dich sehr o meine Seele“ as well as the 1st organ sonata Regers is comming from Neuhausen now. We may really be pleased about it. As soon as the CD is available in the trade, we will announce it.

Markus Grohmann, Director of Sacred Music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, March, 22th 2007

A world-famous organist Prof. Daniel Roth opens series of concerts 2007.
First organ recital, March 2007

Prof. Daniel Roth , Titularorganist in St. Sulpice, Paris.On Sunday, March 25th, our series of concerts 2007 starts at 7 p.m.with the world-famous organist and composer Prof. Daniel Roth from Paris. We are particularly pleased that we could win Prof. Roth for this concert in Neuhausen. Roth is Titularorganist at the Parisian church St. Sulpice. He is successor of Charles Widor and Marcel Dupré. He has been organist at the famous basilica Sacré Cœur before. After chairs in Strasbourg and Saarbrücken, at present, he is professor for organ at the college of music Frankfurt am Main. Professor Roth, born in 1942, was awarded numerous prizes. In 2006 he got the price for European Sacred Music of the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd. In UK he received the price "the Royal college of Organists".

The programme:

Prof. Roth will play works from different epochs of the Parisian organists and composers. A. Boëly, C. Franck and E. Gigout. J. S. Bachs Praeludium and fugue in D major of will also be on the programme. He is furthermore going to play variations of J. Sweelinck on the organ positive, made by Hieronymus Spiegel in 1762. The audience may even more suggest a theme for an organ improvisation before the concert begins!

Sale of tickets:

The sale starts on Thursday, March 7th, at Schreibwaren Knoblauch Dahlienweg 7, at Bücher & Co, Esslinger Strasse 1 and at Volksbank Filder e.G., Schloßplatz 13. Further sales will be in our organ shop in the priest's office. Each Friday, from 9.30 a.m. until 11.00 a.m.
Admission charges: 10,- Euro; / reduced: 6,- Euro.

Markus Grohmann, Director of sacred music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, March, 8th 2007

Prof. Dr.  H. C. Bossert  prepares the next CD.

Herr Prof. Bossert aus Würzburg auf der E.F. Walcker-OrgelToday we could welcome Mr Prof. Bossert from Würzburg on the E.F. Walcker organ. His is going to  record his new DC next week. Today and tomorrow he will try out the stops and examine which combination to select tonally.  One more he was  very enthusiastic about the organ and about the room. In  room and its corresponding sound analysis was E.F. Walcker has been a master, so Prof. Bossert. We  may be curious about the result!

Dr. Helmut Thomas Eisele, Neuhausen auf den Fildern, March 10. 2007

Daniel ROTH
Titulaire du Grand-Orgue A. Cavaill-Coll de Saint-Sulpice à Paris
Professeur d'Orgue à la Musikhochschule de Francfort-sur-le-Main

Prof. Daniel Roth , Titularorganist in St. Sulpice, Paris.Daniel Roth, widely acclaimed as one of the leading French organ virtuosos, has held several prestigious positions as both pertormer and teacher. At the age of twenty he made his debut at the organ of the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre-Paris, as assistant of his teacher, Madame Rolande Falcinelli. He later succeded her as titular organist, a post which he held until 1985 when he was appointed titular organist at St-Sulpice, the famous Paris church where is predecessors were Charles-Marie Widor, Marcel Dupré‚ and Jean-Jacques Grunenwald. A former student at the Paris Conservatory, Daniel Roth's teachers have included Marie-Claire Alain and Maurice Durufé. He has won several competitions, among them the Grand Prix de Chartres 1971, interpretation and improvisation.
After teaching positions at the Conservatories of Marseille, Strasbourg and the Saarbrücken Musikhochschule, he is currently Professor of organ at the Musikhochschule in Frankfurt am Main where he is successor to
Edgar Krapp and Helmut Walcha.
Daniel Roth has been also Artist-in residence at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and chairman of the organ department at Catholic University in Washington D.C..
He is invited to play concerts as a soloist and with famous orchestras. Furthermore he teaches masterclasses and participates on juries for organ competitions throughout the world.
On the 11th November 2005 he has played the dedication of the new Karl Schuke (Berlin) Organ of the Concet Hall "Grand Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte" in Luxembourg for the construction of which he has been artistic advisor.
A composer as well as performer,
Daniel Roth has several works for organ published by Leduc, Baerenreiter, Schott (Mainz), Novello, for flute and organ, choir and organ (Missa Brevis) published by Schott. The City of Ludwigshafen (Germany) commissionned him an orchestra piece. "Licht im Dunkel" was first performed in this town in may 2005 and in Paris, St Etienne du Mont in april 2006 conducted by his son Francois-Xavier Roth. The work is published by Schott.
For his compositions he received the Florent Schmitt prize awarded by the Académie des Beaux-Arts (Institut de France).
Daniel Roth is also well known for his brillant improvisations which are regularly included in his concerts programs. He has several recordings to his credit with Erato, Philips, Arion, Pathé-Marconi EMI, Motette, Prioy and Wergo (Schott), IFO, JAV (USA).
He is Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Organists (London

Visitor from UK on the Walcker - organ.

Last Monday we had a visitor from UK who payed a visit to our restored Walcker organ. Prof. David Sanger from Wells had other appointments in Stuttgart before. He did not miss to come to Neuhausen before his take-off in Stuttgart - Echterdingen airport. Prof. Sanger said goodbye with the words: „I´m very, very impressed!“.

Markus Grohmann, Director of sacred music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, February, 22th 2007

Leaflet to the series of concerts 2007.

Titelblatt-Programm-2007-20For all interested parties the newly printed leaflets of the series of concerts 2007 are layed out in our parish church, the Parish Office as well as in different shops in Neuhausen.

Please make use of this. The format is chosen so that the information can be sent out also in a normal letter envelope to acquaintances and friends at the simple post rate.

The leaflet can be downloaded on this link..

Markus Grohmann, Directeur de musique sacrée. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Fevrier, 1. 2007

Visitors from Poland.

Michael Markusczevsky, Organist an der Evangelisch Reformierten Kirche zu Warschau sowie Orgelbaumeister Olgierel Nowakowski bei der Orgelbesichtigung in NeuhausenLast Monday Michael Markusczevsky, organist at the Protestant Reformed church to Warsaw as well as organ master builder Olgierel Nowakowski found their way to Neuhausen to inspect our organs. Both gentlemen are from Warsaw. The restoration of a romantic organ also queues in the Warsaw church. The visitors were primarily interested in the intonation of our original Walcker registers. Both visitors were impressed by the overall plan of the restoration. The restoration of the Hieronymus Spiegel organ positive also could convince. Organist Markusczevsky received the tip to look at our new houses organs close from Professor Bossert. Professor Bossert gave a concert with us in the context of the Max Reger-Konzerte last year.

Markus Grohmann, Director of sacred music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, February, 1st 2007

Series of concerts 2007 to be introduced at SWR 4

Die SWR-Redakteurin Verena Neuhausen informierte sich über die Walcker-Orgel und die Konzertreihe 2007SWR4-LogoSWR editor Verena Neuhausen was recently in our community to inform herself about our series of concerts 2007 and to report the results in the broadcast SWR4. Mrs Neuhausen was impressed with some tone samples of the quality of the Walcker organ. The editor questioned Markus Grohmann, Director of the Sacred Music, about the concept of this year's series of concerts. In addition, she was given informations about Professor Daniel Roth from Paris who will open the row of concerts on March 25th as the interpret of the 1st organ recital. A concert tip in the broadcast is most likely sent in the "Morgenläuten" on SWR 4 on Sunday, February 11th, 2007, between 8-9 a.m.

Markus Grohmann, Director of sacred music. Neuhausen auf den Fildern, February, 1st 2007

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