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Donation as result of the afternoon coffee of the KAB family day of the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

This year's family day of the Roman Catholic Employees Movement (KAB) took place in Neuhausen Filder on September 28th. About 80 guests, coming from the whole diocese, could be welcomed in the Protestant Community Center. Besides different lectures to the adults there was a game street for the children.

On initiative of the family Winkler the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ got active with an “afternoon coffee”. Donators could be found who made 13 cakes. € 125 net proceeds in total were taken as a donation. We thank all guests for their coming and and all helpers of the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ who made it possibly to make  the the afternoon coffee happen. A warm thank-you also to the donators of the cakes and a not less warm thank-you to the Protestant parish for helping us to use its premises.

Dr. Helmut Eisele, September 30th, 2003.

Private donations let "donation barometer" climb!

Recently  the vicarage received two private donations with 500,- € and 1000,- € respectively in favor of the organ restoration.

We quite cordially thank them even if the donators do not want to be called by name! The receipt of these donations, just right after the summer vacation, spurs on the active members of our Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ to speed up the organ project further with full strength.

Markus Grohmann, September 25th, 2003

Organ champagne reception after the
150 / 850 years anniversary concert.

Our gratitude is expressed here to  those nice ladies from our parish who has organized and executed the standing reception after our big anniversary concert of the church choir with orchestra and soloists on the churchyard. Those remembering the strong heat of this concert day can comprehend why our concert guests accepted this standing reception gratefully. Besides the many conversations in beautiful atmosphere after the concert event this reception was moreover very beneficial for our organ project: Around  400, € net proceeds could be credited in favor of the organ refurbishment!

Markus Grohmann, July, 24. 2003

Die Gruppe der Neuhausener Hexen vor dem Neuen Schloss,  gegründet bereits im Jahre 1967 !„Neuhausener Hexen“ donated 600,- € in favor of the organ

At Corpus Christi Mr Guido Schaller and and Mr Roland Eiberger had a check in the amount of 600,- Euro with them in the name of the carnivals group of the "Neuhaeuser Hexen" (the Neuhausen-Witches).  The check handing over took place in the parish garden in front of the beautiful scenery of the organ kiosk. The amount of money is in favor of the the organ renovation. The donation came together on an action of the "Neuhausen Witches" . The amount has been collected at the booth of the "Neuhausen Witches" during the last year's Christmas fair on the church square. The amount of money has been rounded up by an aditional donation of the butcher's shop Guido Schaller (church street in Neuhausen).  We say thank-you quite warmly for this beautiful and not usual engagement of a carnivals group in favor of the organ renovation!

v.l.n.r.: Pfarrer Kirsch, Roland Eiberger, Guido Schaller, Markus Grohmann, Petra Schaller und Dr.Helmut Eisele bei der Scheck-ÜbergabeHerr Grohmann (rechts) erläutert den Herren Eiberger und Schaller die informative Broschüre des OrgelförderkreisesMore on the carnivalsgroup of the Neuhaeuser Hexen ( Neuhausen Witches ) can be found here on this link



Markus Grohmann, July, 21. and 24. 2003

Private donation of 750,- € received !

We recently could credit the receipt of a donation of 750. € in favor of our forthcoming organ restoration. Many thanks for this to Mr Joachim Maier, Mrs Barbara Beck as well as Mrs Johanna Kurfess. This beautiful amount forms another important constituent in our great plan !

Markus Grohmann,  June, 26. 2003

Ökumenischer Gottesdienst in der katholischen Kirche Petrus und PaulusDer Kirchenchor von St. Petrus und Paulus und der Chor der Evangelischen Christuskirche. Im Hintergrund das Prospekt der E.F. Walcker-Orgel von 1854.The ceremony and with that the celebration year started on Sunday, January 12th, 2003 with an ecumenical service in the Roman Catholic church Peter and Paulus. The value of the church in our civil municipality is herewith documented and expressed.

 Parallel to the celebration year of the civil municipality, the church municipality also celebrates 150 years parish St. Peter and Paul Neuhausen/Filder starting with the benediction of our "Filder Cathedral" exactly 150 years ago.

The ceremony formed the prelude to the anniversary year in which 24 events will take place in total.

Blick in die Egelsee-FesthalleThe ceremony was framed by a historical exhibition in the rooms of the Egelsee festival and sports hall and playing a part of the Spielmannszug of the Bürgergarde (historical citizen guard), the brass band and the music organization Musikschule Neuhausen e.V.. Mr Wolfgang Probst, excellent singer at the Stuttgart State Opera and Mrs Seitz, piano, could be won for the musical part of the celebration. The program was rounded off by some pieces of music of the Musikschule Neuhausen e.V. (school of music Neuhausen registered association).

For all events during the jubilee year the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ wishes a good course and for all female citizens and citizens of the municipality of Neuhausen to experience joy of public spirit.

The civil municipality of Neuhausen auf den Fildern supports the organ project by a generous donation of € 51,129. Therefore at this place's once again a quite warm thank-you!

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