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Photo excursion of our film team to Bautzen.

Hermann Eule, Orgelbau GmbH in BautzenDie offenen Windladen in ArbeitThe trace search of the individual changes of Eberhard Friedrich Walcker organ and the baroque organ of Hieronymus Spiegel in the course of the time turned out very laborious. The reason for this is that there aren't any systematic notes of these respective changes. This meant almost 10 years of work and research for our director of the sacred music Markus Grohmann among others in the Walcker archives in the archives of the city of Ludwigsburg and for example in the Federal Archives in Stuttgart.

Since we didn't want to repeat the faults of the past all phases of the dismantlement of the organ have been noted in film and picture. Therefore our project may belong to one of the best documented restoration projects documented of its kind. With Mr Ludger Schmidt we have found an enthusiastic photo and film enthusiast for this documentary work.

We quite cordially thank Mr Ludger Schmidt for his engagement and the many man-hours which he has spent at the necessary documentation of our organ restoration. Our gratitude just is for Mr Bernhard Ruf for its active support.

Markus Grohmann and Dr. Helmut Eisele on June 5th, 2004

Stavros Skopakis übergibt dem Vorsitzenden einen schönen GeldbetragOnce more: organ champagne in the restaurant "Zur Post" in Neuhausen.

Like last year, Stavros Skopakis, host of the restaurant "Zur Post" in Neuhausen, asked for 20 cartons of our organ champagne on the occasion of the carnivals campaign 2004. The reason that we were allowed to send on later 5 cartons again was that it went down very well. Many participants of the great carnivals parade on Sunday and guests from the surroundings asked for details of our organ project again and again.

We quite cordially thank Stavros Skopakis for his support. We are sure that once more this action was effective for advertising purposes. More of his guests will therefore know about our organ project now. He still has some bottles left. If you should therefore once enjoy his good Greek cooking, then you simply should ask for a glas of organ Champagne as apéritif ahead.

You will like it without any doubt. 

Dr. Helmut Eisele on June 5th, 2004.

Here is the link “Zur Post”

Markus Grohmann erlaeutert den aktuellen Stand der Bauarbeiten.Kirchenmusiker Markus Grohmann erklaert den Aufbau des neuen Podestes anhand des Modells von Reinhold Ruf.Construction site guided tour on the organ gallery on Pentecost.

A "construction site guided tour" took place following the High Mass on the organ gallery on Pentecost, May 30th. About 30  interested members of the municipality and organ enthusiasts could attend the report on the project planning explained on the empty organ gallery by our director of the sacred music Markus Grohmann. At the beginning he explained which partly extensive groundworks were necessary before the dismantling work could be started with. He thanked the members of the Buergergarde Neuhausen as well as the many other helpers for their cooperation free of charge. The visitors could literally get "an idea" of this with many pictures of these actions.  He continued to tell, which measures are under way concerning the gallery and how the room will be used for the new pedestal. He explained further details using the model made by Reinhold Ruf for us. Approximately in October, the organ will be built up and ready to play in the organ workshop of the company Eule, Bautzen. Until then the work on the font display will be completed. Arround the beginning of November we plan an organ journey to Bautzen.  To this event we want to invite all members of the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ in writing. Interested municipality members of course are cordially also invited to this excursion. The wind boxes, the restored bellows and the new bellows will already come back to Neuhausen in December 2004. According to today's planning our Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ will approximately leave the organ workshop in February 2005. The reconstruction of the instrument should be completed after approximately further 8 weeks. Following this the musically most interesting part will be tackled. This is the voicing of the instrument. The sound will be adapted to the church room pipe for pipe for the time period of about 2 months. This section of the restoration presupposes absolute quiet inside church. Therefore the parish church isn't accessible to the public during this time. The organ inauguration is planned toward the end of June 2005. The exact appointment is also announced on time.

Das Modell von Reinhold Ruf aus NeuhausenAt the end of his explanations Markus Grohmann mentioned that we want to use the now empty tower room as a little organ museum. The bellows that have been in this room  will now be installed after the restoration into the foundations of the organ. During the works on  the necessary wall breakthrough in the course of the organ removal the half of a Gothic pointed arch of the predecessor church appeared. This is exposed now. This arch alone but also our many exhibits will make a visit worthwhile in our museum.

Dr. Helmut Eisele, Pentecost on May 30th, 2004.

Unsere neu gestaltete OrgelausstellungOrgan exhibition redesigned.

The exhibition for the organ project in our church (under the gallery) has been redesigned. Different pictures of the organ dismantling in January/February this year can be seen now.

The new exhibition gives an interesting insight into the effortful dismantling work of the organ company Eule from Bautzen!

Markus Grohmann, am 27. Mai 2004

Buch von Willi Fay, Neuhausen - Geschichte und GeschichtenOrgan kiosk on the municipality festival.

We point out already today that at Corpus Christi our organ kiosk will be in opened during the municipality festival in the parish garden this year. Besides our organ champagne, organ cups etc. also the book of Willi Fay Neuhausen auf den Fildern entitled " Neuhausen auf den Fildern -- history and stories " can be purchased for 24,- €.. This book is edited only once and the remaining copies are counted!

The proceeds of the sale of this book are of benefit to the organ restoration.

Markus Grohmann on May 27th, 2004.

Das Team auf dem Dachboden der PfarrkircheIm Kirchturm: Blick auf den Durchlass zum Dachboden. Im Vordergrund ist die Karfreitagsraetsche zu sehen.Cleaning action on the organ gallery

On Saturday, May 8th, the kernel team of the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ met on the organ gallery for cleaning and tidying. Further voluntary helpers strengthened the team. It was necessary to store the stops removed from our E.F. Walcker organ professionally which cannot be used any more. These stops have been built in 1960 and they are no original stops made by the organ builder Eberhard Friedrich Walcker. Beyond them there is a very good oboe 8"  from the organ builder Weigle from Echterdingen. The individual pipes had to be carefully carried from the organ gallery on to the attic of the parish church St. Peter and Paulus. Shelves into which the pipes are stored now were installed before. The action was definitely a sporting challenge since the difference in altitude of the organ gallery to the attic is about 13 meters. The majority of the helpers therefore felt stiff muscles the next day... ....

After having stored the pipes properly, we could start cleaning the gallery. To avoid making dust, several industry vacuum cleaners were used.

Thanks to the many hard-working hands the work could be finished quickly.

All helpers are thanked quite cordially!

Dr. Helmut Eisele, on May, 9.  2004

Der Vorsitzende des Orgelförderkreises Dr. Eisele nimmt den Scheck von Wolfgang Jaudas, dem Vorstand  der Hobby-Freunde entgegenHobby Friends donate 1.270. € for the organ restoration!

The Hobby Friends Neuhausen donated this beautiful amount from the revenue of the slide show Die Schöpfung . Renate and Helfried Weyer presented their slides in the Roman Catholic parish church St. Peter and Paulus in Neuhausen auf den Fildern on February 27th, 2004. The lecture took place with support of the Fotoclub Filderstadt e.V. in the context of the anniversary "25 years Hobby Friends Neuhausen auf den Fildern".

The chairman of the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ Dr. Eisele was given the check in the amount of 1,270. Euros by the chairman of the Hobby Friends Neuhausen, Mr Wolfgang Jaudas. A donation in the amount of 165,- Euros is also contained in this sum coming from Mr. Rühle who has kindly taken over the costs for posters and programs. The initiators of this event were Wolfgang Jaudas and Jörg Rühle.

Both gentlemen are cordially thanked for this excellent idea. Moreover, we also thank all members of the Hobby Friends for their ideational and financial support for the restoration of our valuable E.F. Walcker organ.

Dr. Helmut Eisele, March 27th, 2004.

Dankeschön für die vielen SpendenFurther donations for the organ restoration.

Within the last weeks some donations of municipality members have come in in favor of the organ rehabilitation again. Many thanks for this and God repay for it!

We already have a high donation state of round 327,000. €. Further donations in the amount of 123,000. € were promised to us. We nevertheless still lack 200,000. € until the planned re-inauguration of the organ in June 2005!

We ask all members of the Society for the Promotion of the historical Eberhard Friedrich Walcker Organ and organ friends of the municipality not to stop their activities for the organ rehabilitation.

From time to time, perhaps maybe a look up to the empty organ gallery helps to generate a new wave of solidarity until the re-inauguration of our organ in 2005!

Markus Grohmann on May 6th, 2004.

Thanks to the Bürgergarde Neuhausen Filder 1805 e.V.!

Pfarrer Alfred Kirsch bei seiner DankesredeWappen der Bürgergarde 1805 e.V.On the occasion of the general meeting of the Bürgergarde Neuhausen our parish priest Alfred Kirsch used the opportunity, to thank the Bürgergarde Neuhausen for the much work which have been done by its members in the time passed. Many hard-working hands particularly loaded and unloaded the truck, worked at the dismantling of the large choir platform, the bricklayer on the rear and did the parget work.

After the paper collection in February 2002 this is already the second initiative at which we were supported by the Bürgergarde. We thank chieftain Bruno Reinauer as well as all honorary helpers for their selfless assistance. 

This is further contribution to the restoration of our valuable E.F. Walcker organ.

Dr. Helmut Eisele, March 27th, 2004.

Construction site guided tour on the organ gallery on Pentecost!

On Pentecost, May 30th, following the High Mass at about 11:15 am, you are going to have the opportunity to join a guided tour, lead by our musician of the sacred music Markus Grohmann about the further planning on the empty gallery and in the empty tower room of the church.

At the removal of the bellows of the organ a wall breakthrough had to be carried out. A part of a Gothic lancet arch of the predecessor church appeared. It was exposed. This makes the tour worthwhile on the gallery.

A warm invitation for this free guided tour is announced today already!

Dr. Helmut Eisele on May 6th, 2004.

Youth singing circle donates 300,- € for organ restoration!

Der Jugendsingkreis mit seinem Chorleiter Markus GrohmannThe youth singing circle St. Peter and Paul could submit 300,- € to the vicarage from the proceeds of its last concert in favor of the organ restoration in January 2004 (Misa de Solidaridad)! As already announced during the concert another € 300 were transferred to the children's home for girls in Puno/Peru. To the youth singing circle but also to all concert-goers  and donators many thanks for the engagement and for comming to this concert!

Markus Grohmann, March, 5th 2004

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